Establishing your fleet fueling system is crucial
to your operations. We will work with you and
your fuel supplier to ensure you get the right
fueling arrangement for your business,
and that all proper safety and quality control
systems are in place.




It is important for all key members of your team to receive proper training to maximize operational efficiency. We can provide and arrange training for all managers, supervisors, drivers and maintenance personnel.



Fueling an Alternative Fuel sweeper is very similar to fueling a gasoline or diesel sweeper. It will typically take a driver 5 - 10 minutes to fill up each truck, whether that be onsite or at a local fueling station. The sweeper operates and performs the exact same, making implementation easy.


Want to implement alternative fuel savings in other areas of your business? NiteHawk can assist you with fuel conversions of service trucks and other company vehicles to improve your bottom line across the board.



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